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Welcome to NIMS Network of Innovation Management and Strategy, the leading international business student association. Our organization is dedicated to connecting students and professionals interested in innovation management and strategy with one another, promoting innovation and creativity throughout the world. Join us to connect with like-minded individuals from all over the globe, share your ideas, and make lasting connections with peers and industry leaders.

Our Partners

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The NIMS Network of Innovation Management and Strategy is made up of four chapters across Europe, each one contributing unique skills and expertise to the table. We are composed of high-performing business universities and strive to create new and exciting opportunities for our members to enhance their knowledge and skills in the field.

About Us

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Our Mission

NIMS cultivates future leaders in strategy and innovation by uniting motivated master’s students globally. Our mission fosters a dynamic community driving inspiration and career growth through diverse experiences and an expansive international network. We commit to empowering members with knowledge, connections, and opportunities essential for thriving in an increasingly complex and interconnected business world.

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Our offering

At NIMS, we empower students through company workshops, skill-sharing sessions, and international trips, offering unparalleled opportunities to engage with industry leaders and academic peers. Our hands-on workshops provide real-world business insights, while skill-sharing sessions encourage a culture of continuous learning. International trips broaden perspectives with global business exposure. This unique blend of experiences equips our members with the skills, knowledge, and network necessary to excel in the ever-evolving landscape of strategy and innovation.

Join us

Our journey is focused on nurturing professional and personal development, understanding the intricacies of the global business landscape, and contributing to European innovation for the greater good.


Join us in shaping a future where knowledge, connectivity, and ambition come together to make a meaningful impact in the world.

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